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John Bransfield
Substance Misuse Consultant
I was intrigued to see the impact that this therapy could have on the client group. Its ability to engage clients and to create a space of safety from which to explore  complex therapeuitc journeys was a revelation. It complements the therapeutic journey in a myriad of ways and contributed to a unique and extraordinary rehabilatitive experience. Do not overlook this as just 'Sound Therapy'.
Participants of Sound Recovery Therapy
  • I knew from the first two sessions something intense was going on, something that I could harness … So I was curious to see what would happen, what’s going to happen next. I think that’s why I had the pressure on my solar plexus with anxiety because I was like curious. It wasn’t really anxiety because the other two had been wonderful because I had come out feeling lighter and everything is brighter. Pretty wonderful.
  • It was serious but kind of beautiful.
  • I feel really clean … I feel a cleanliness and a happiness.
  • I feel a lot more positive. I feel a bit more secure and a bit more at peace with myself.
  • To have no thoughts just awareness … I have a happiness about me and the overriding feeling is free, freedom, a feeling of freedom."
Clinical Staff
  • Clients are eager to attend sound recovery therapy and leave the sessions very calm and relaxed.
  • I feel it's very important that clients explore ways of tuning into their bodies, learning to feel the feelings and emotions. This then helps their self awareness which in turn leads them to be able find ways of communicating from their bodies as well as their thoughts.
  • Clients have talked about the benefits SRT, of learning to sit with silence and the meditative aspects which they want to find a way of continuing on leaving Selhurst.
  • At first denial can be evident as clients say they don't like SRT; later when they begin to experience their emotional self through SRT, people rave about the wonders of SRT.
  • Clients fear feeling their emotions - they make excuses to avoid feeling their feelings, then they see how SRT has benefitted their sense of self and discover things they didn't recall or consciously know about themselves.
  • Usually whatever they experience of their 'self' in SRT fits in with and deepens their learning in the group.
  • SRT benefits clients in all the other work from groups to 1-1's.
  • SRT does support and complement other aspects of the client's therapeutic work in the sense that SRT raises client awareness of thoughts, feelings, behaviours etc, all of which complement other therapies
  • Clients are not only learning about their emotions and experiences through group sessions and one to one sessions, they are experiencing them physically and emotionally within sound therapy.

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