No experience is ever wasted.

Wounds can be healed.

Every person has something to offer,
no matter what their past.
Russell Stone

Sound Recovery Therapy (SRT)TM is a one-to-one or group based therapy developed through MA research and clinic based trials that can help you to address powerful and disturbing emotions and experiences in a safe and 'held' space. It uses gentle yet effective physical and mental relaxation techniques, sensitive music improvised by the practitioner during the sessions, and therapeutic conversations to help you integrate your experience of each 'sounding' and address your core life and current concerns. Originally devised to help those recovering from addiction, SRTTM has since found wide application for anyone who enters therapy looking to find a way out of agitation, anxiety, stress, dysfunctional behaviours, relationships and life situations. It is an ideal therapy if you want to break out of old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and making a significant contribution to your sense of wellbeing.

"SRT's ability to engage clients and to create a space of safety from which to explore complex therapeutic journeys was a revelation. It complements the therapeuitc journey in a myriad of ways and contributed to a unique and extraordinary rehabilatitive experience."
John Bransfield, Substance Misuse Consultant
Integrative Counselling looks at current issues - such as as bereavement, redundancy and breakdown of relationships - that are causing immediate emotional 'fallout' and difficulty. Transpersonal Psychotherapy allows a deeper examination of long-held issues, such as shame, inertia, anger, repetitive self- sabotaging behaviour; and finding meaning in life and exploring spiritual questions.
Music is one of three, related core disciplines that I practise in my life (the other two being psychotherapy and yoga). Since 1964, I have worked with such greats as George Martin (producer for the Beatles), Henry Mancini, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Adam Ant, Tony Bennett, Twisted Sister, and Cliff Richard. In 1977 I achieved huge success with the act R & J Stone with the self- penned, worldwide hit 'We Do It'.
Life integration has become key in all that I do. It is what I help others to do, and therefore I know that I must walk my talk.  Psychotherapy, composing, performing, worldwide success as a musician, bereavement, plunge into a long 'dark night of the soul', broken relationships, recovery from alcohol abuse, yoga, research, spiritual search, teaching counsellors, developing Sound Recovery Therapy, creating meditative concerts - each aspect of my life informs every other. No experience is ever wasted. All wounds can be healed. Every person has something to offer, no matter what their past.

Russell Stone
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Private Practice - weekly one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy at Liss Forest

Twice-weekly Sound Recovery Therapy (SRT) group sessions
at Rigpa Health & Consultancy
Farnborough, Hants

Monthly Group Sounding Sessions at Place of Serenity, Buriton, Hants
Music schedule
Monthly residence with 'The Russell Stone Band' at The Bulls Head, Barnes

Concerts with At-Ma:

20 Sept 2008
Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury

31 Oct, 1 & 2 Nov 2008
The Yoga Show, Olympia, London